Sunday, July 30, 2017


Slide1:  (title) Cosmic Ray Damaged Images Repair  (picture1)Damaged (picture2)After repairing
Slide2: (title) summary of the presentation
What is cosmic rays and how do they affect the images?
challenges we are facing
brief history about previous works
(*)The algorithm of removing the hot pixels
(*)How the algorithm works.
Possible applications
Slide3:  (title) How do Cosmic Rays Damage Images?
The images taken by us on the earth won’t be affected by cosmic rays because the atmosphere blocks most of the cosmic rays. However, in the space there are many kinds of cosmic rays existing. We can’t see cosmic rays directly, but their energy is high enough to cause damage on the space camera. The damage may cause the resulting images to have hot pixels on them.
Image of hot pixels.
Slide4: (title) Challenges
1.       Distinction between hot pixels and stars (image).
2.       Removing hot pixels from solar panels. (image)
Silde5: (title) previous work
Kevin Moser from RIT did an incredible work on this project. (with an Image)
Slide6: (title)algorithm—brief whole
Slide7: (title)algorithm sub-step1
Slide8: (title)algorithm sub-step2
Slide9: (title)algorithm sub-step3
Not sure how many slides will be used for sub-steps.
Slide 11:
(title)Comparison between the image before with the image after.
Two images
Some statistics. Chart true positives, true negatives, false positives, false negatives
Slide 12:

Make the images look better. It can also help to clean the noise so we can see the stars more clearly.

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