Sunday, July 16, 2017

Day 7

  I learned a lot today. In the morning, we had a small lab meeting. First, Iyus made a short presentation about his Iris detection lab. Dr. Pelz gave him some valuable suggestions about the priority of detections. After that, Dr. Pelz showed us his previous version of eye trackers and the way they work. They record the gradient vectors of each pixel and see them as unique. Dr. Pelz also shared his next possible version of eye tracker with us.

  In the afternoon, we worked individually. I started writing my Cosmic Ray Damaged Image Repair project and made some progress. Dr. Pelz also sent me Kevin Moser's email because he was a former student who made progress on this project.

  I started to write the abstract for my paper and I hope I can make more progress on my project!

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