Thursday, July 13, 2017

Day 6

  Today was an important day for me because I finally decided what I'm going to do this summer.

  I met Dr. Pelz in the morning and he helped me a lot on project selection. NASA, several years ago, provided us with an opportunity about Cosmic Rays Damaged Image Repair. Kevin, who was a former student who studied at RIT, came up with a nice algorithm which was able to detect most of the damages. However, his program was not perfect. Recently, people in NASA found that some of the damages were not so easy to be detected by Kevin's algorithm.

  Because of the limit of available resources on this project, I started with Kevin's paper first. He used kernels with an artificial threshold to detect. His Matlab codes were also readable. After reading his codes, I had a brief view about the topic I'm doing. Kevin was successful without tons of cascade classifiers. My main goal is to update his programs or to come up with a better way of detection.


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