Friday, July 7, 2017


  It was surely more difficult to get up in the morning today. With the help of traffic, we arrived RIT on time. After some brief morning announcements, we started for our labs.

  Jo and Dr. Pelz were in the lab earlier than I did. They were discussing the new project we got today: It seems that the government is interested in money printing recently, and they want us to track people's eyes when they are examing fake cash.

  It did take us a lot of effort throughout the day to set up two cameras in order to get a satisfying video, which is supposed to include the whole process of manual money checking. It was a kind of fun to just watch Jeremy checking the money. Since the batteries of the cameras died quickly, we have to stop in between waiting for them to recharge. The eye-tracker worked well and it was pretty accurate.

  In the afternoon, I finished learning the way of tracking pupils by reading a tutorial with the help of Jeremy. After that, I went to make several new videos for Iyus's Iris project. Although we were really busy today, we did learn a lot and we're looking forward to the coming week!

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