Monday, July 10, 2017


  New week new start!

  After two days of working, I learned briefly about the eye tracking techniques and the algorithms we can use to track eyes. On the way to the next level, I also want to start with more practical experience.
  I start with the installation of Opencv on Eclipse Neon3. After searching for installation tutorials(wow) online, I got a tons of tutorials including videos and pdfs. It seems easy to install by first glancing at the procedures. However, it was actually time consuming. The building steps, especially, took me nearly an hour.
  As usual, I took another video with Iyus and Jeremy. I also flied the drone with Jo. It was not so exiting today not only because it's Monday today, but also because of the time consuming installations. Nevertheless, I read papers while I was waiting and learned a lot from the conversation with Dr. Pelz.

  By the way, I'm looking forward to the presentations on Wednesday!😉😊👍

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