Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Day 5

  Nice day!
  Funny video in the morning with sound!😃
  It was supposed to have a boosting camp this morning. However, it didn't come until the end of the day.
  I was trying to find a way to detect the direction a person is looking without using an infrared LED light. After looking at Iyus' apple for a while, I didn't find anything not right without an infrared LED light. When I asked Iyus the for the reason, he showed me some frames from the videos we took during the past days. It did work with light color iris pupil detection(like Jeremy's). However, when he showed me the pictures of his and my dark eyes, we couldn't tell which parts belong to the pupils. It seems that it's impossible for us to detect pupils without using LEDs, so I started to work on programming.
  Today's learning was kind of meaningful to me. I learned more techniques about imaging processing and other good stuff.
  It was the end of the day until I noticed that I haven't got a good project to work on. Maybe I'll go to see Dr. Pelz tomorrow and see if he has any gift for me!
  Day ends.

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