Tuesday, July 11, 2017


   Another busy day.
   I started looking at the codes the author of one of the paper wrote for eye tracking technique. It was a 4000-line code!!! However, the author did really well writing clearly with comments. He even used the function names that are consistent with which on his paper. After browsing the code briefly I found that he even wrote the functions with the order he described on his paper. How nice he is! Then I started reading the codes with the paper. The main reason I started reading his code was that he did not write too much on his paper--maybe he wanted us to read the codes with the paper.
  I spent the whole morning reading his code and trying to understand it. For lunch, I used the microwave for the first time to heat up my pizza.
  In the afternoon, I started writing my own codes with a tutorial. Everyone was sleepy in the afternoon so we went to the cafeteria and had some hot chocolate. I spent much time figuring out my code in the afternoon, and I found the mistake until the end.
  Day ends.

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