Tuesday, July 25, 2017


  First thing of today is finding a way to read h5 files. After searching online, I found some libraries that support reading hdf5 files. However, they only seem to be friendly to Visual C++. While I was thinking if I should try to move to Visual C++, I found a software which is published by hdf5 company saying that it can read hdf5 files. After actually looking at it, I found it more powerful than it looked like: it can export hdf5 to text files. Although using C++ to read text files is not that fast, it's now the best way for me to at least read a raw image.

  After lunch, I started to write codes for it. After about half an hour of coding, my code gave me the result I wanted which was kind of out of my expectation. Then I was kind of wandering around and reading more tutorials. Then Dr. Pelz came in and we looked at the resulting image. Dr. Pelz seemed to be excited and he immediately asked me to perform Bayer filter on it. After doing some research, I performed Bayer filter on the images. I'm still a little afraid that the program is not able to effectively keep all the original features when removing most of the noises.

   I will try changing some of the constants tomorrow and see how the program works out.

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